Services and Core Values


Concept Creation


Unique ideas brought forward for each individual event



Artist Management


Making sure that all your special guests feel comfortable in your venue






Offered by our professional DJ, specialized in deep, melodic and oriental house and techno


Hand Made Decorations


Created from sustainable materials, especially for your event, by local and international artists



Photographic Services


Offered by a professional photographer, specialized in portraits and event photography




Marketing and Promotion


By creating original content for each event and by promoting it on social media platforms

Core Values

Belonging to a tribe means having and respecting values.

These are the cornerstones of our common understandings, which we invite you all to ponder on:

Make No Assumptions



The danger of working on assumptions is that it can lead to miscommunication. Be honest.

We'd rather have you call us up in the middle of the night than seeing the project go in a different way than you wanted.





No Idea is too Crazy



If we start with all the possibilities, we don't limit ourselves cognitively, leading to more radical ideas. Once an idea is formed, we can work on its applicability.

We should never stop our creative juices from flowing just because "this might not work".

Save the Whales



That we have grossly underestimated our effect on this planet has become indisputable. However, we neither have an option for zero impact on our planet.

Yet, it is still of the utmost importance that we at least try to relieve earth of some of the stress so that we may be here a bit longer.


We are doing this by using sustainable materials for all our decorations and constantl recycling.




Our Motto

Celebration is our divine obligation.

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