The Long Read


     Our generation has already understood that the threads between people are fragile. Considering the fast-paced society we live in, it takes a very long time even only to knot one string between two new individuals. Keeping the thread alive is even more complicated. It involves many more feelings and requires a lot more invested time.


    It's getting more and more difficult to create rigorous connections, so each of us is valuing and calculating their time a lot more meticulously. Recreation, however, is still a big part of our lives, but looking at a simple search of "What's on tonight" in your city, hundreds of options will appear. So how will you choose what truly deserves your time? 

          This is where we come in.


      What will make your event stand out in that long list will be the platform which we will build together with your guests. Intrigued by the theme, the description, the creativity of the marketing which we create, our guests will start mentally preparing themselves for the event days or even weeks in advance.


       Therefore, once a guest decides to attend a party, what they are hoping to find there is not necessarily their next hook-up or a place to forget their mind and reality in. They want to enhance their excitement created by the description of the event. They want to know that they made the right choice in giving you their time.


    This enhancement is created by belonging to a family, belonging to a community, belonging to a tribe. Let's create it together.


Our goal is to make your event unique

Our Team

Our team thrives on passion, hard work ethics and support.

We don't work on assumptions and aim to deliver the best we can, every single day.

Ruxandra Popescu / Co-Creator


I flipped a coin and decided to follow my instinct.

Cabana Libre
Cabana Libre

Bastiaan de Wit / Co-Creator


Looking at the past shouldn't stop us from moving forward.


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Celebration is our divine obligation.

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